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Albums and Scrapbooks in the WGM Collection
at the Library Special Collections Unit, University of St Andrews

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Access Number Type Description
Photographs Miss B Fullarton-Smith (nee Gainsford): New Zealand tour, 1935, Australia, N Berwick, Porthcawl
Photographs Miss L Thompson, winning the 1898Ladies Championship. Also cuttings, letter, telegram
Album English Ladies Close Chp. 1932, Gleneagles, 1933. Featuring Miss D Chambers.
Scrapbook Events featuring Miss Joan Stocker, 1921-23. Photographs and cuttings.
509 Album 1930s Events, featuring Mrs JA Blair, North Berwick
516 Scrapbook Ladies Open Championship, 1923. Photographs and cuttings, Burnham 1923, by the winner, Miss D Chambers.
550 Scrapbook Ladies Open Championships, 1893-99: Photographs, cuttings, sketches, scraps
551 Album Ladies Open Championship 1893-1913. Formal portraits of semifinallists
552 Scrapbook Ladies Open Championships, 1900-1904: Photographs, cuttings, sketches, scraps
553 Scrapbook Ladies Open Championships, 1905-1910: Photographs, cuttings, sketches, scraps
554 Scrapbook Welsh LGU. Photographs and cuttings, 1905-1928
555 Album Ladies Open Championship 1914-1939. Formal portraits of semifinallists
556 Album LGU International matches, 1931 - 59. Photographs
557 Album Ladies Open Championship and International matches 1947-1959. Photographs
558 Album LGU Tour to S Africa 1934. Photographs
559 Scrapbook Ladies championships, 1908-1921. Photographs and scraps, involving Mrs EE Helme
560 Album LGU Tour of Germany, 1931
561 Album Ladies championships 1895-99, featuring Miss LenaThomson
564 Scrapbook Girl's Championship and Internationals. 1949-1959 Photographs and cuttings
565 Album 1934 USGA Women's Championship
567 Scrapbook Events featuring Miss Stella Temple, 1912-1944
569 Scrapbook Eve Girl's Golf Championship 1926-31 and the Bystander 1932-35. Photographs and cuttings
Album Fragment Events featuring Miss Rhona Adair
Album Veteran Lady Golfers' Association: 1923
743 Photo Album Memento of Bastad (Sweden) Golf Week, 1932, presented to Miss Doris Chambers

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